• You won't want to miss this!


    Hello and Happy Friday!!

    It's been the quite the week. I've flown back from the quickest of trips to Australia, for my mother's 70th. Simple Cake made the New York Times Top 12 Spring Cookbooks, Yahoo!!! And wait, it just gets better... tonight at my favorite book store, Books Are Magic, I will be talking all things Simple Cake, with my favorite blogger Joanna Goddard from Cup of Jo.

    If you're in New York come!!! 7.30pm. 225 Smith St, Brooklyn 11231. 

    Be there or be square!

    Odette xx

  • Sunday Night with Simple Cake

    I'm procrastinating making dinner, but when I get this post done, I think I'll grill skirt steak and serve it with my green olive chimichurri, roast some homemade chippies and Ned just asked for my Mexican corn with cotija. He calls it "cheesy corn". I'll definitely sip on a glass of Malbec as I cook. And if I could have a slice of cake for dessert, I'd finish it off with my Milk & Honey Cake with a dollop of Honey Whipped Cream from Simple Cake. Hell yeah I would ! Hope this inspires you if you're in Sunday night dinner limbo.

    Hope you all have a great week guys!

    photo: Nicole_Franzen

    It has been so rewarding getting all these lovely messages from people baking from my book. Here was my favorite from today.

    “Last night my kid asked for cake for a little party today! He picked out lemon yogurt cake, raspberry lemon curd and marshmallow frosting and I was able to make it ALL with no stress in one night! I’m so in love with your cookbook, the mix and match aspect makes it perfect for a non cook such as myself...I feel like finally, FINALLY, after years of buying cookbooks and making 10% of the recipes, that I’ve found a trusted and true bible, ready in cake for any and all occasion!!! Thank you!!!!!!!”

    No THANK YOU @feliceeva



  • CHOCOLATE! Now That I Have Your Attention...

    Happy Friday Friends!

    I hope this baking triptych gets you in the mood to bake this weekend. The Chocolate Creme Anglaise and Chocolatey Chocolate Cake recipes are here on the blog. Both can be banged out in no time, and if you wanted to smother one with the other, I'd fully support that decision.

    If you're looking for something to watch while you double down on chocolate, checkout Free Solo or Roma . After seeing Roma, I'm wanting to get back to Mexico City asap, but in the meantime, I'll go to the Frida Kahlo exhibition. 

    Simple Cake is off to races, and I pumped to say it's #1 in Baking Desserts on Amazon. If you haven't grabbed a copy, now is the time to make your loved one's bellies happy.

    Odette x


    photos: Hallie Burton

  • Simple Cake Cookbook Trailer

    Ladies!!!! It's our day!! 

    Happy International Women's Day to you all.

    I'm super excited as NEXT WEEK my third child, Simple Cake hits shelves. I've been working away at this book trailer and a few other cutdown's with a group of very amazing women over the last month. I hope you enjoy it, and it gets you in the mood to get your cake game on.

    Because let's be honest.. it's cake and women that make life a whole lot sweeter.

    Odette x

    ps. Order now because the wait is over!!


  • Super Bowl Weekend Essentials: Chili & Cake!

    I’ve been on a high all week. Last Sunday we shot the Simple Cake book promo and it was an absolute blast! I dusted off that acting degree of mine, and married those performance skills with my baking ones. It was a sweet moment for me personally because it was a culmination of twenty years of work. Now I just have to figure out how to do it more! I can’t wait to share the footage with you, and I hope it inspires you to bake with abandon. 
    I’m in Sundance with Nick this weekend (scratch my eyes out) and will be tuning into the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m wanting to see terrific Tom have yet another victory. I usually make this Chili. Start it Sunday morning so it’s good to go at kickoff. But if football doesn’t float your boat, Roma is exquisite, and this Alexander McQueen documentary is apparently amazing. And if you pre-order Simple Cake you’ll receive my Lovely Lemon Loaf Cake recipe that’s a crowd pleaser and an advance peek inside the book!
    Have a great weekend! 

  • This one is for you Australia.

    Hello from freezing Brooklyn!

    Tomorrow, January 26th is Australia Day. It's the July 4th of Down Under. So I'm sending this cake to you my beloved island, and it's peoples, who are no doubt already celebrating. This is my version of the 'Lammo' aka Lamington. It's got coconut, chocolate, raspberries, and whipped cream, and is meant to be eaten straight from the dish with old friends. You'll find the recipe in Simple Cake in the Travel Cakes chapter.

    I'm going to bake and courier one to Aussie ex-pat and legend, Laura Brown. If you haven't seen what Laura has been doing at Instyle, check it out! She is fun, hilarious, irreverent and moving the dial on how women are perceived in the media and fashion. So I think my Australian sista deserves my Lazy Lamington. 

    photo: Nicole Franzen  #simplecakebook