Simple Cake Book

Simple Cake Book



"Some of the best cakes I've made." Melissa Clark NY Times

"Delightfully simple recipes, and so, so much love." Alison Roman

"This might be the only cake book one needs" Helen Goh

"It's gorgeous, and warm and delicious with every turn of the page." Christina Tosi

Named one of the best cookbooks by Forbes, NYTimes, Eater!

A nostalgic ode to the joy of homemade cake, beautifully photographed and with easy mix-and-match recipes for a sweet lift any day of the week.

Everyone has a favorite style of cake, whether it's citrusy and fresh or chocolatey and indulgent. All of these recipes and more are within your reach in Simple Cake, a love letter from Brooklyn apron and bakeware designer Odette Williams to her favorite treat. With easy recipes and inventive decorating ideas, Williams gives you recipes for 10 base cakes, 15 toppings, and endless decorating ideas to yield a treat—such as Milk & Honey Cake, Coconut Cake, Summer Berry Pavlova, and Chocolatey Chocolate Cake—for any occasion. Williams also addresses the fundamentals for getting cakes just right, with foolproof recipes that can be cranked out whenever the urge strikes. Gorgeous photography, along with Williams's warm and heartfelt writing, elevate this book into something truly special.

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"The recipes in this book are my family’s go-tos. They’re not extravagant—not too rich or complex—and above all, they’re easy and quick to make. I want to get that delicious cake in your mouth and mine, as soon as possible."


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Simple Cake recipe

Chocolatey Chocolate Cake

A not-too-sweet chocolate cake, topped with silky Beautiful Chocolate Buttercream, sprinkled with a little sea salt crunch: This is the cake to help you or a loved one get across the finish line.

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There's nothing as comforting
as the smell of a cake baking
when you walk into a home.
It smells like love.

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