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"The recipes in this book are my family’s go-tos. They’re not extravagant—not too rich or complex—and above all, they’re easy and quick to make. I want to get that delicious cake in your mouth and mine, as soon as possible."


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Simple Cake recipe

Chocolatey Chocolate Cake

A not-too-sweet chocolate cake, topped with silky Beautiful Chocolate Buttercream, sprinkled with a little sea salt crunch: This is the cake to help you or a loved one get across the finish line.

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There's nothing as comforting
as the smell of a cake baking
when you walk into a home.
It smells like love.

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Kids Apron

OW started because my daughter Opal loved to bake with me and I wanted a simple, beautiful apron for her to wear, but nothing on the market fit the bill, so I made one. Turns out I was not alone in this search I’m thrilled to have OW find its way into many homes.

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Monogram me

Monogram your apron and make it a keepsake! Be the first to know when the limited run arrives — just sign up for our mailing list and we'll let you know as soon as they’re in stock!

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Wish granted

Women’s linen aprons

After receiving so many requests from customers to do our aprons for adults too, we’re doing a limited edition run of OW Women's Aprons. We can monogram for you too!

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