The Heart of Every Home is the Kitchen


It’s where families meet and nourish each other with food and love.

OW encourages parents and kids to share in the lifelong pleasure of cooking. We believe that the smell and taste of food lovingly prepared together creates the fondest childhood memories.

OW wants to help parents take a breath, relax and spend some time with their kids and food. We want to help families create cherished moments; a holiday dinner, a homemade lemonade stand, the smell of a cake baking, learning to cook your Aunt’s favorite meatballs, the greatest birthday party ever, the gift of your very own apron from Grandma.

OW provides carefully curated products, experiences and content that inspires kids to get in the kitchen and explore the world of food and cooking.

All of OW products are playful and functional. They are designed with meticulous attention to detail, quality materials and loads of love. Beautifully wrapped and packaged, we hope an OW gift will become a childhood keepsake.


About Odette Williams

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